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Brass or Bronze parts, made from drop forgings, castings, bars, with CNC turning lathes and CNC milling centers to do machining. Both components or assembled final products such as valves, fittings are welcome.
                  Castings: by brass injection machines, or sand molding
                  Forgings: hot drop forged and then machined
                  Machined directly from rods,bars
      Surface treatment can vary from sand blasting, nickle plating, Cr-plating, Tin-plating, etc.
      Ready assembled valves for home use and industrial purposes, 100% checked and inspected before packing, OEM orders are acceptable.
       Factory is located at Ningbo area, close to Shanghai port and Ningbo port, with very convenient logistics.
       Material: normal brass, lead-free brass, bronze, etc.

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