About Us

    Grandrising Metal Products Co., Ltd. is located in Shanghai,China, joint-invested by a group of foundries, mainly exporting the group's products such as stainless steel castings, steel and alloy steel castings, iron castings, brass castings, brass forgings, and also machined components. Shanghai Office is mainly handling marketing, daily communcation, inspection, shipment & documentation, while manufacturing partners are located in near Shanghai area, such as Shaoxing, Ningbo, Huzhou, etc. Starting casting and metal product business since 2001, we have achieved a lot of experience and established a group of factories to ensure supplying big variation of castings and other metal products with different production methods,including investment molding, sand molding, drop-forging, injection, turning and milling, etc.
    Our manufacturers can make drawings from samples, or sub-contract molds from professional mold makers, and can make quality control report as per clients' requirements.     Most of our clients are long-term partners, mainly from USA, Europe, Japan, etc. Our target is to supply good products as well as satisfactory services.
Our Advantages:
    a)  Quick daily communication in English on technical, quality and commercial matters;
    b)  Ability to make drawings, follow-up material and other technical requirements, also to fulfill,control and inspect these requirements;
    c)  Shipment inspection and professional certificates;
    d)  Competitive price upon required quality;

Quality Control

1. Spectrometer to control chemical compositiongs;
2. Ultrasonic Testing optional to check inferior defects;
3. X-Ray inspection optional to control the feeding system;
4. Magnetic Crack Detection optional;
5. Inspection Report 3.1 version or 3.1B version;
6. Key dimensions with gauge control.


1. Investment Foundries´╝Ü one ceramic lost wax foundry is especially for stainless steel castings, and another 2 water-glass lost wax foundries are for carbon steel and alloy steel castings.
2. Sand Casting Foundries: 1 resin sand foundry is doing big steel castings, and the other 2 sand foundries have both green sand and resin sand molding for small and big iron castings, including grey iron and ductile iron castings.
3. Machineshops with milling & Turning machines, for stainless steel, alloy steel, carbon steel,iron, alumium and brass parts.
4. Brass & Bronze Factory: injection and drop forging machines, and CNC turning machines & milling centers, with assembling of valves.

Address & Mailbox

E-Mail: grandrising@grandrising.com       Standby E-Mail: grandrising@qq.com
Mobile Phone: (86) 186 0212 0779 for Mr. Zha        Tel: (86) 21 3221 1389
Add: Room 1003, No 2, Lane 3856, Zhongshan North Road, Shanghai 200060, China