Truck Suspension Seat
Machinery Arm
Harvest Head Plate
Locking Hook
Hi-Mn Rail Fixture

Investment Foundry for Steel & Alloy Steel Castings

Inverstment foundries for normal carbon steel and alloy steel parts are using water-glass yellow lost wax,with less machining allowance and reasonable surface roughness better than resin sand molded castings. Located in Ningbo City close to Ningbo Port and Huzhou City close to Shanghai Port, both foundries have long experience with production of machinery parts, construction parts, railway parts, valve bodies, etc, including carbon steel, alloy steel, High Mn content steel, with quching and tempering heat treatment.
      Two foundries have partner machineshops to do machining,and also possible to sub-contact zinc-plating, powder-coating, and other surface coating treatments.Nearby professional pattern makers for the new mold and mold modification can provide quick service.
      Material can follow JIS, DIN, AISI, and ISO standards,such as: S20C, S45C, SNC236, SMCN420, SMn420, SMnC420, GS45, GS60, GS20Mn5, 34CrNiMo6, 25CrMo4, 42CrMo4, WCB, A148-90,etc. With spectrometer control, the material can be checked before pouring. The machanic property test can be done in professional labs.

More Steel & Alloy Steel Castings

Marchine Arm
Motor Housing
Hi-Mn Rail Part
Hi-Mn Rail Locking
Hi-Mn Rail Part
Harvest Knife
Alloy Steel Arm
Steel Housing
Locking Part
Rail Part
Locking Set
Construction Nut
Machine Part
Machine Arm
Suspension Part

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